So I started off as a book blogger. During the two weeks that phase lasted I published one book review and one random real life story on slugs (Curious? Check it out here). After vanishing mysteriously for about a month, I reappeared again with a few more posts but alas no more stories on slimy garden creatures.

Now, I’ve re-re-returned with the humble yet ambitious (considering my track record) aim of just posting something at least once a week, most likely under the umbrella of Christian faith and creative writing. Overall, think of this blog as a personal blog– it’s just me penning my thoughts.

Ok, blog stuff aside, I suppose it’s time I introduce yours truly.

I’m a 19 year old writer in my second year at the University of California, Davis. I enjoy thinking deeply about a multitude of things, I love creative writing, and I dislike routines. My dream job after college is to be a novelist. My dream job for life is to be a faithful follower of Jesus.

Here’s to something new!