Musings on my College Major

I feel bad for my roommate who had to endure no less than five-hundred hours of my venting, bewailing, and groaning last quarter all because I could not make up my mind between initially two then three then very quickly twenty million different combinations of college majors and minors. Sorry, Karlie. Thanks for being patient … Continue reading Musings on my College Major

Let’s talk God and Covid-19

First off, there are many differences between the Christian God and Covid-19. The obvious include the fact that one came in the form of a man two-thousand years ago proclaiming himself as the savior the world has long been awaiting while the other is a micro-organism currently bulldozing human civilization as we know it. One … Continue reading Let’s talk God and Covid-19

Since this quarter's started, I've been reflecting quite a bit on the previous school year, from my the state of my faith to the friendships I've built to why the heck did I think it was a good idea to wear--on average--only two layers through what was perhaps the most brutal winter of my life … Continue reading